Fire Alarm System


Prime Technology is distributor of Smoke detector, Heat detector, Fire alarm panel in Mumbai, Pune, Nasik, Surat, Delhi, Chennai,Bangalore, Hyderabab, Ahmedabad, Kolkata. We are offering GE Smoke detector, System sensor smoke detector, System sensor heat detector, System sensor hooter. In addition to this we also deal in Apollo Fire Alarm panel, Apollo Smoke detector, Apollo Heat detector.

Intelligent Optical Smoke Detector

-- Aesthetically pleasing low profit design.
-- 8 bit intelligent processor with A/D converter.
-- Built in algorithm map for false alarm rejection. -- Electronically addressed. Read More

Intelligent Dual Heat Detector

-- Fixed Temperature and Rate of Rise Heat Detection
-- 8 Bit intelligent processor with A/D converter
-- Fixed temperature response is adjustable. Read More

Intelligent Ultraviolet Flame Detector

-- Sensitive Ultraviolet sensor that detects the UV rays produced by a flame .
-- Aesthetically pleasing Low profile design.
-- Dust / corrosion / humidity resistant .
-- Electronically addressed. Read More

Standard Detector Base

-- Base for termination and fixing of detectors.
-- Non-electronic component
-- Common base for GST 1-9101 / 2 / 3 / 4. Read More

Intelligent Multi Sensor

-- Combining all the features of the 1-9102 Optical and the 1-9103 Dual Heat .
-- Detector to provide the ultimate cover for life safety systems.
-- Ideal alternative to Ionization detectors .
-- Adjustable smoke detection sensitivity. Read More

Intelligent Reflective Beam Detector

-- Range 8 -100 Metres.
-- 2 selectable levels of sensitivity adjustment.
-- Compatible with conventional Panel . Read More